Control and audit are essential tools that can help businesses in various ways. They

can help identify errors, difficulties, irregularities, and even fraud and provide an objective assessment of work, times, costs, areas, investments, plans made, contract records, sales plans, production scenarios, and much more. With a tailored control system based on appropriate documentation, managers, directors, or business owners can have a fantastic tool. Furthermore, recommendations based on the findings of the control and audit activities can assist in improving the overall performance and efficiency of the business.

To achieve growth and success in any business, it is important to focus on increasing development opportunities and investment efficiency, improving marketing activities, catching problems that you may not be aware of, and ultimately increasing the image and revenue of your business both directly and indirectly. These factors play a crucial role in the growth and success of any organization, and should be given due attention and effort.

Since 2010, we have been engaged in professional auditing and inspection in two groups :


●  comprehensive control of marketing activities

●  analysis of marketing systems and tools

●  research into brand recognition and market positioning

●  comprehensive audit of social media channels and websites

●  comprehensive audit of online shops and applications

●  Identification of sources of existing and potential problems

●  analysis of plans with an assessment of rationality and effectiveness

●  unannounced audit for quality of service and support

●  individual assignments and sentences with comprehensive development


●  control of the production of events, events, fulfilment of contracts

●  control of quantity, volume, and efficiency declared in contracts

●  control of marketing campaigns and promotional activities

●  monitoring of the quality of services provided and customer satisfaction

●  monitoring of agreements and contracts, analysis of services offered

●  control of production and implementation teams

●  control of agencies and external companies concerning specific work

●  control of safety and sobriety

●  control of confidentiality and business secrecy