We are a Polish company, operating continuously in the European market since 2006, gaining experience in many fields of entertainment, show business and marketing since 1996. We provide comprehensive production and realization of events, concerts and events of various formats. We efficiently organize and carry out marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, control activities or audits. We manage artistic careers, image building and media presence. We create content and ideas, design, advise, implement, coordinate, and represent with pleasure. #wearepmg




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We offer everything you need, all in one place. Our agency has been operating for nearly 20 years in Poland, and we have an impressive portfolio that includes several hundred successfully executed events featuring big names from all around the world, not just from the electronic music scene. Plus, we exclusively represent many artists in Poland.

We serve our clients with passion, industry knowledge, and creativity. Our team loves creating emotions and inspiring events, and we do so by working directly with event organizers, promoters, clubs, agencies, and all establishments involved in the organization of events. We’re not intermediaries but a direct and cooperating agency based in Poland. All our clients are treated as partners and have access to all information and documents, and we operate legally. We take comprehensive care of implementing contracts and ensuring our clients’ peace of mind. Additionally, we provide promotional support and suggestions to make every event successful



















The most prominent DJ LIVE STREAM in Europe! Straight from the middle of the Silesian Stadium pitch, in a festival setting and TV production. Three unique, original editions broadcast live! All this is in the confidence of the PEPSI brand.

ULTRA EUROPE official countdown-en

ULTRA EUROPE is increasingly present in Poland! As Poland's official and only business partner, we have supported marketing and promotional activities for many years. We have also obtained the rights and licence to organise "before tour" events.


Dozens of Artists from all over the world, a unique setting for each event, production, logistics and what we like just as much - marketing! This is the biggest club project ever!

MARKUS SCHULZ – open 2 close en

We are the first to organise this legendary project in Poland! Markus Schulz is a German-American DJ and Producer, a true icon of trance music - three times awarded the title 'America's Best DJ' by DJ Time Magazine.


A fantastic understanding of the client’s needs, a detective’s touch to help solve problems, partner relations, and complete transparency are indeed qualities that any business would desire to have. It’s great to hear that PMG Group, with whom I enjoyed working, possesses all these qualities.

Michał B.
Group Account Director
Media Direction OMD

I am delighted with our collaboration with PMG GROUP and Mr Adam Mitrenga on the artistic events that have taken place at the Silesian Stadium in recent years. PMG GROUP is a reliable partner that consistently fulfils the provisions of the agreements and ensures a high organizational level for every event.

Thanks to their extensive experience, they can effectively handle any task, regardless of its nature or complexity. Mr Adam Mitrenga has initiated many unconventional projects, and he always ensures that the artistic level and aesthetics of the event are of the highest quality. PMG Group has a professional team that is inventive, flexible, and dedicated to providing the utmost care.

Based on our experience, we highly recommend PMG Group as a competent and trustworthy producer of artistic events.

Jan W.
Prezes Zarządu
Stadion Śląski Sp. z o.o.

Our recommendation would be to work with PMG Group, as they are known for their promptness, professional communication, and attention to minor details. They are known for providing unique solutions, building trust, and being transparent in their business dealings. Their collaboration on various projects and events over the years has been outstanding. Mr. Adam Mitrenga, in particular, has always surpassed our expectations and earned our admiration.

Rafał P.
Corporate Connections™ PL
CEO & Founder

We have enjoyed working with PMG Group for over a decade, which speaks volumes about their reliability, professionalism, and responsibility towards every task. PMG Group is known for their honesty, high-quality work, and timely delivery, as well

as their highly flexible approach and deep understanding of our needs. Their state-of-the-art solutions, combined with their extensive experience, have led to numerous joint successes. Moreover, PMG’s substantial recognisability and wide-ranging contacts are significant assets. Based on our experience, we highly recommend PMG Group for their exceptional services.

I cannot imagine ULTRA Europe without the support of PMG Group in Poland and Adam De Great promoting our festival on stage. A true, valuable partner and member of the ULTRA Europe family.

Joe B.
CEO & Founder

In 2008, we began working with PMG Group, now known as Reflect Group, on various creative and non-standard marketing projects. We found them to be an incredibly efficient and reliable partner, with an exceptional level of productivity in areas such as copywriting. One of the things we appreciate most about our partnership is the live communication, which helps us swiftly complete marketing projects without any unnecessary delays. Adam Mitrenga, the founder of PMG Group, is an exceptional manager and leader who never considers anything impossible. If you want to take your marketing to the next level, consider a similar collaboration. We openly admit that with the innovative ideas from PMG Group, we would have achieved a leading position in the market of advertising gadgets with the brand.

Paweł F.
Member of the Board


We like acting broadly and sharing our experiences with others. We are open to working with other agencies, promoters, managers, and individuals with experience. If you need assistance with a project, we are happy to act as a subcontractor or take on some of your responsibilities. If you have a project idea or a client, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to present our proposal and commission system to you.