The SPINNIN’ SESSIONS project is the flagship project of the SPINNIN RECORDS label and has taken place in many unusual places such as Miami, New York, Amsterdam and even distant Asia. And now, it’s finally coming to Poland! We’re thrilled to have been chosen as the partner and organizer of the first edition of this event in our country.

We have taken care of the comprehensive organization of the event, from realizing all the Artists’ contracts to producing promotional materials, executing a nationwide campaign and, of course, bringing the club event to life!


SPINNIN’ SESSIONS in Poland! It’s no secret that every clubber and fan of electronic music knows SPINNIN’ RECORDS, the most popular label in the world. Spinnin’ Sessions is the label’s calling card as a radio show, DJ podcasts, club events and happenings, and it’s finally coming to Poland!
We are very proud and excited that it was PMG Group that was chosen and given great confidence to organise and host the first event in Poland! It’s going to be an unforgettable experience for all the fans out there! And, if you’re interested, you should check out what it looked like in Miami!